Kristen Pock, jewelry designer and creative force behind Rhinestones & Razor Blades, has been with us every step of our journey. Creating unique accessories for all of our promotional photo shoots, she has been on scene as an integral member of our team.  For hand-crafted jewelry with an edge visit Rhinestones & Razor Blades

Trent McAffee, our Dance Director, has been essential in helping us pull everything together. His knowledge of ballroom dance, having many years of experience as a professional ballroom dance instructor, allow us to experience the spectacular dancers, who will grace us with their presence at Dance Meets Fashion!

Award winning, professional ballroom dancers, Freddy & Angelina Vera, busy medical professionals, have taken time from their life saving efforts to perform for us. They are a very caring couple, in every aspect of their lives.

Our heartfelt "Thank You" goes to the entire Heaven Can Wait Animal Society Organization - Board Members, Staff & Volunteers - these people genuinely know the meaning of being humane! Their commitment to the programs they have developed, for the  animals & people in our community is truly remarkable! We are honored to align ourselves with them and their cause. I encourage you to visit their website to learn about all their amazing programs:  Heaven Can Wait Animal Society

We wish to thank all the amazing volunteers, without whom Dance Meets Fashion wouldn't exist. 

We are truly grateful to Jeaune Roe, who has selflessly devoted her time, talent and taken on the enormous expense involved in the creation of her luxurious fashions. I invite you to visit her website to see more of her spectacular "works of art" - you can find her website at:  Jeaune is truly an extraordinary woman!    More about Jeaune

Working alongside us, behind the scenes, has been Julie Bearce Ray, owner of Julie Ray Photography. She took time out of her busy schedule to travel & setup at various locations in order to photograph & film promotional media for our event. You can see her innovative & unique  photography on her website at:  Julie is a real Visionary!

Our Make Up Artists & Hairstylists not only took time off from work, without pay, they used expensive products they purchased themselves on our Models. Prior to our event they traveled to various locations, working their magic for hours, getting Models prepared for our promotional material.

Our gorgeous Models also took time off from work without pay and sat patiently for hours while having their make up applied & hair styled. Prior to our event, like our MUAs & Hair Stylists, they traveled to various locations, to stand for hours, while posing for our promotional material.

Generous Contributors

2014 Spring - Program